Individual Therapy

Sometimes you just have to go there - I’ll make sure you feel supported all the way.

The mind can be a scary place and most of us cope by ‘putting it out of our minds’, whether that is through work, shopping, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs – all can be a form of temporary coping mechanisms. The trouble is, the problems don’t go away, they percolate through our bodies creating physical problems, as well as emotional ones.

Anxiety and disorders

Anxiety can make you feel like you’re being controlled and it’s often crippling. When you can gain more understanding about how your brain processes thoughts and feelings you can start to be grounded in the here and now, and manage the symptoms of anxiety better.

Some disorders are a label for what is an unresolved story and some are a diagnosis which can be helped by a combination of medication and a nurturing therapeutic relationship.

I’ll work with you to understand your processes and I’ll guide you by signposting you to support if what you’re experiencing is not in my level of competence.


Depression and
low mood

When you don’t feel you have strategies to cope with feeling low it can feel like a black cloud is following you around and doesn’t seem to ever fully leave. It can be hard to imagine being free when you are feeling sad or down a lot of the time. You might experience yourself isolating from the world or the opposite, having to surround yourself by people to stop the loneliness. It can be exhausting!

You might know the reason you are feeling low and just need to make sense of your world, or you may not have a clue which can feel scary. I’m here to work things through and help you look at your situation with clarity.

Relationships & sexuality

There are many different relationships in our lives and they all have the potential to rupture at times. How you relate to the world can be informed by your past experiences and current perspective. Sexuality can sometimes feel like the taboo subject, either by society, culture or your experience. In my sessions there is no subject ‘off limits’, and equally no judgement.


The process of grief is painful and it can be complex. The waves of emotion make it exhausting. The stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – are all normal emotions but they don’t follow the same pattern for everyone. The loss you experience is personal and sometimes, although you feel desperately alone and overwhelmed, you might not know how to move past the feelings without the fear that you are forgetting.

Trauma and abuse

There are many forms of abuse and no set timeline for how you respond. The effects can be physically and mentally devastating. Some people have unresolved trauma and some are experiencing it every day.

The powerlessness of being abused can mean that asking for support is shameful and you can get stuck in a cycle of hurt. I do understand.


Stress can manifest physically and mentally and it can also be a great motivator. You might feel like it’s your best friend at times and then others it’s your worst enemy. It can be very helpful to look at the way you deal with stress and release yourself from restrictions and routines.

How it works

Contact Louise

Initial enquiry via email/text/phone to book a 15 minute chat via Zoom or phone.


Decide if you think Louise is a good fit for you and arrange your first session if she is.

Taking action

Receive, complete and return contact forms via email and attend your first session online/on the phone/face to face.

Frequently asked questions

Louise offers both face to face or online with Zoom.

An individual session with Louise is 1 hour.

(Some therapists offer 50 minutes, which is referred to as the therapeutic hour.)

Imago Couples sessions are 1.5 hours.

You never have to talk about anything, it is completely your choice what you talk about. Louise aims to create an environment where you feel you can be yourself and know you will be heard and not judged.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a model of talking therapy and is one of many. Louise uses some CBT techniques. She is an integrative therapist who uses a few different models depending on what you, the client, needs.

It depends on what you are looking for from the therapy and how much the issues are affecting your life. Louise usually recommends weekly sessions for the first few if you are able to. It is your decision how often you attend. Louise believes therapy works best for you if you attend regularly, whether that is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

People often ask how long it takes for them to feel better or make changes. The honest answer is that everybody is different and that timing is key. You may come for the long term or you may need short term support – and decide to come back at a later time or not.

A therapist is not there to diagnose. I will work in collaboration with your GP and suggest that you talk with them if medication could help you alongside therapy. I may also talk to you about signposting you to a specialist in a particular field. Everything discussed between us before any decisions are made.

An individual session is £65 for the hour

Imago Couples sessions are £95 for the 1st hour session and then £150 for 1.5 hours usually bi-weekly

Clinical supervision is £80 per hour.

Louise asks for 48 hours notice to cancel a session. You will be charged the full fee without the notice for a missed session.

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